About Us

Nomadic State of Mind Middle East, was founded in late 2017 and is the official distributor in the region of the brand Nomadic State of mind.  Our mission is to introduce the unique hand crafted rope sandals of “Nomadic State of Mind” to Middle East.

Since the beginning, we fell in love with the hand crafted original design and environmental philosophy of the brand. We strongly believe that Nomadic State of Mind would have a strong market place in a region where there is 8 months of summer time, with miles of golden sand and a reminiscent of the Southern California lifestyle.

This is How The Story Began:

Nomadic State of Mind, a grassroots company in handmade rope art sandals, came into being in the late 90’s. Its founder, Chris Anderson, started initially to promote  the handmade sandals in the music festivals in his hometown North Carolina.

While travelling in Middle America, Chris was brought in contact with a small community in Nicaragua that was facing tough times as the local coffee plantation recently had been terminated causing a massive unemployment. There and then the idea was born to teach this small community how to make the Nomadic State of Mind sandals and with that creating employment and income, having a lot of fun along the way!

Although it has been a long and bumpy journey, with perseverance and inspiration from lots of happy feet wandering the planet, we have come to the point where we are now.

From a van alongside the Colorado River to an international network of distributors that is helping Nomadic State of Mind to slowly but surely win peoples’ hearts all over the world.

Today, operating in 18 countries, the production is still taking place in Nicaragua, at the place of the old coffee plantation.

Values that we are proud of:

Nomadic State of Mind puts a lot of focus on sustainability and environment in the production process. One of our major goals is to operate with “No waste at all”. The production waste, scraps of rope, is reused to produce carpets, hammocks, handbags and other accessories. This cradle-to-cradle principle is being applied for about 85% already. This approach also secures employment and income for our employees outside the sandal season.

Nomadic State of Mind is a small but flourishing company and will continue to design and deliver excellent quality for affordable prices, handmade rope art made for happy people.

Some Reasons You Need These Sandals???

  • Hand Crafted, with real hands
  • Very fashionable & stylish, worn by most of the celebrities
  • Original design and extreme quality
  • 100% organic and vegan, even the adhesive to attach the strings is plant origin
  • Super Light and they float
  • Machine Washable & colorfast – they are bleach, chlorine, and salt water resistant
  • Comfortable and long lasting
  • Nearly all of our rope sandal scraps are recycled material